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Monday, March 20, 2006

Billy Packer versus Craig Littlepage

Most of America did not like the seedings by the Selection committee headed by Craig Littlepage. In fact he took a lot of heat. But in the end, it was idiotic comments by Billy Packer that will end up being most remembered.

How could he not have seen an MVC game? And even more disturbing, how could he make the comment that he didn't need to see them to know about the strength of the conference relative to the other conferences.

Billy also tried to give us a history lesson (which was extremely flawed). But in the end, I hope he learns a lesson about history. It is not an accurate predictor of future sporting event outcomes. Remember, you can't stand in the same river twice. Apply that lesson to the brackets.

So in retrospect, this tournament will be much more damning for Billy Packer than Craig Littlepage in my mind. What do you think?


Blogger Mike said...

Best Packer quote I heard regarding Arizona freshman Marcus Williams vs Villanova: "This is one of the best performances by a freshman in the tournament in a long time." #1 Arizona lost and Williams had 24 points. #2 Does "a long time" span past Carmelo Anthony?

9:28 AM


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