This is a blog dedicated to all the teams in the tounrament proving that Billy Packer is a blow hard, know nothing, ass. For those of us who happened to take the time to catch a few games from the Mid-Majors (including the MVC), we know how good these schools are. So spread the word.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Deadspin Not Loving the Pac(ker)-Man has been having some fun taking cheap shots at Billy Packer. And honestly, who hasn't?

This is what was part of a post after the first round of games:

"We’ve come completely around on this Billy Packer thing; we now can’t imagine college basketball without him. Sure, he’s loathsome, stubborn and almost always wrong. We find these qualities to be what make up his charm. He’s that crazy old man, squawking — “BWAH! BWAAAAHHHHH!” — about the way things ought to be, never giving an inch, too damned old to apologize, throwing elbows everywhere, out of my way, BWAAHHHHH! We want everything he says to continue to be wrong, and we want him to do it forever."

This from the Kentucky-UConn game he was doing.

And this from right after Bradley's win over Pittsburgh.


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