This is a blog dedicated to all the teams in the tounrament proving that Billy Packer is a blow hard, know nothing, ass. For those of us who happened to take the time to catch a few games from the Mid-Majors (including the MVC), we know how good these schools are. So spread the word.

Sunday, March 19, 2006


I guess I should tell you just what exactly this blog is about and what information it will contain. The truth of the matter is that I do not know what exactly will be put up here. Part of that is up to you.

I just wanted a place where people could come together and voice their displeasure for a man who makes it his job to be a loud-mouth jackass who thinks he know it all.

And after the first weekend of games, thanks in part to Bradley, Wichita State and George Mason, it seems like he knows very little. Hey Billy, how many of those Big Ten teams from a BCS conference that you like so much made it to the Sweet 16?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

a quarter of the teams are from the big east

8:35 AM


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