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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

NCAA Tourney All Mid-Major Team

Here is a list of my all Mid-Major Team from the NCAA Tourney. There was one stipulation. Your team had to play at least 2 Tournament games. Also, it was a hard list to put together. There were a lot of deserving players. So I would like some input from you on who I left out that should be on the team. Thanks. Enjoy and pass it on.

Two things really jumped out at me when compiling this list. First, I was surprised at how many underclassmen there were contributing so much. Everyone always talks about how the Mid-major rosters are full of Seniors who stay for four years and that is why they are good. There may be a lot of Seniors, but it's the Sophmores and Juniors who seem to be making the biggest splash. Second, there are a lot of 6-6 to 6-9 Forwards who really brought it. There is an abundance of good swing players amongst these schools.

First Team
G - Luke Rogers, 6-1 Jr Northwestern State
Key stats - 7.5 pts, 7 assts, 3.5 rebs, 1.5 stls
Note - All teams need a guy who can distribute
G - Folarin Campbell, 6-4 So George Mason
Key stats - 16.8 points, 5 rebs, 3.25 assts
Note - Leads upstart Patriots in scoring and assists
F - Adam Morrison, 6-8 Jr Gonzaga
Key stats - 24.3 pts, 5.3 rebs, 2 assts
Note - Led Bulldogs in scoring and had 9 in the last 3:30 of the Xavier game
F - Omar Williams, 6-9 Sr George Washington
Key Stats - 15 points, 12 rebs, 1.5 assts
Note - Consistently good in both games against Wilmington and Duke
C - Patrick O'Bryant, 7-0 So Bradley
Key Stats - 14.7 pts, 10.3 rebs
Note - Led the Braves in rebounding and looked smooth for a 7 footer

Second Team
G - Daniel Ruffin, 5-10 So Bradley
Key Stats - 7.3 pts, 5 assts, 1.7 stls
Note - Did an excellent job spreading the ball around
G - Lamar Butler, 6-2 Sr George Mason
Key Stats - 16 pts, 3.2 rebs, 1.2 assts
Note - Consistent scoring, sharp shooting assasin has hit 11-22 (50%) from 3
F - Will Thomas, 6-7 So George Mason
Key Stats - 13.8 pts, 10.5 rebs
Note - Averaging a double-double through 4 Tourney games is no small task
F - Marcellus Sommerville, 6-7 Sr Bradley
Key Stats - 19 pts, 7 rebs
Note - Led team in scoring and had nice touch from the outside (7-15 on 3s)
C - J.P. Batista, 6-9 Sr Gonzaga
Key Stats - 18.7 pts, 8.7 rebs, 1.3 stls
Note - Extremely consistent, scoring 20, 18 and 18 in 3 games

Honorable Mention
Paul Miller, 6-10 Sr C Wichita State - 13.7 pts, 8 rebs
Note - Led Shockers in scoring and rebounding
Mike Hall, 6-8 Sr F George Washington - 13 pts, 8 rebs, 2.5 assts
Note - Nice all around game for Colonials
Kyle Wilson, 6-8 Jr F Wichita State - 12.7 pts, 7 rebs
Note - Numbers parallel teammate Miller's
Andrew Strait, 6-8 So F Montana - 16.5 pts, 3 rebs, 4 assts
Note - Had big assist day with 7 against Nevada
Sean Ogirri, 6-2 So Wichita State - 13 pts, 3.3 assts, 3.3 rebs
Note - Did a bit of everything for Sweet 16 Shockers


Blogger Jeff said...

Tbere were so many good performances throuhgout all the brackets from all the teams. I ran out of space or else Jai Lewis and Tony Skinn could definately have made it.

2:03 PM

Blogger Pooh said...

George Mason just has such a good team. (And if you think Larranaga isn't going to wring a hell of a recruiting class out of this...)

10:44 PM


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