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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

No Pressure?

Pat Forde of put together a piece that gives his fealings on the amount of pressure that the 16 teams left are feeling. Here are 3:

BradleyPressure gauge: 1
With one NCAA Tournament win in the previous 50 years, they're playing with house money in Peoria. Beating Big 12 tournament champion Kansas in the first round was a season-making victory for a team that barely got in the tournament. Following that with an upset of Big East power Pittsburgh was off the charts. Coach Jim Les said the right things Sunday about not being satisfied with getting this far, but let's be real: The Braves are plenty satisfied.

George MasonPressure gauge: 1
What could go wrong now? A flat tire on the bus ride from Fairfax, Va., to the MCI Center in D.C.? Beating defending champion North Carolina to reach this point was the greatest moment in program history. The Patriots can relax and enjoy their sudden celebrity this week, as the world discovers the joy of Jai Lewis. But the ride might not be over yet, with Wichita State up next. George Mason beat the Shockers on the road in BracketBusters just a few weeks ago. A regional final would be pure fantasy.

Wichita StatePressure gauge: 2
Coach Mark Turgeon's unburdening to's Andy Katz on Saturday showed the immense joy and relief that went into making it this far. Everything is a bonus from this point forward, but the way the Shockers have played getting here, and with a No. 11 seed up next, there suddenly is a legitimate expectation of a regional final. Who could have imagined that five months ago?


Blogger Ale8one said...

Pat Forde is the consummate Homer. Rarely does he let go a chance to praise Louisville or the Big East. (he used to write for the Courier-Journal.)

11:51 AM

Blogger Ale8one said...

ummh, of course Louisville has been terrible this year so he's had to concentrate more on the Big East which is a great basketball conference, no one doubts it.

if a big east team wins it, who do you think will write the biggest article? Jay Bilas? Andy Katz? no!

11:54 AM


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