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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Wichita State vs. George Mason Preview

Wichita State (7) Vs.
George Mason (11)

This is being called the biggest game in Mid-Major history. It may very well be, with a school from either the MVC or the CAA gauranteed to advance to the Elite 8.

The two teams won their first two games in different fashion. George Mason limited its opponents, Michigan State and North Carolina, to an average of 62.5 points. Wichita State won their first two games with an offensive outpouring of 86 and 80 against Seton Hall and Tennessee, repsectively.

Both teams have used an entire team effort throughout the year. The Shockers have 4 players averaging in double figures, with a number of players putting up solid production off the bench. The Patriots have 5 players averaging in double figures. That's what makes these two teams so difficult to beat is they both have a wide array of players who can step up.

And these two teams are familiar with each other, having already played this year in the ESPN Bracketbuster. (Talk about hitting the nail on the head with that one.) George mason won that game 70-67 at Wichita State on Feb. 18. This time the game is a virtual home game for the Patriots as they get to play in Washington, D.C.

As to which team shall prevail... I'll leave that up to the teams to decide. I don't even want to wager a guess right now. I'm just going to sit back (well, sit on the edge of my seat actually) and enjoy this game. Anyone else want to make a prediction?


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